Why is my bill higher than usual?
The accuracy of the city’s water meters is +/-2% of 100%. If you should experience an unusually high usage on your monthly bill, it could indicate some type of leak in your plumbing. We recommend that you first compare the reading on your bill with the current reading on your meter. The reading on your meter should be slightly higher than the billing, depending on the amount of time that has passed since the reading and how much water you normally use.

Your water meter has a leak detector on its face. This is a black triangle in the middle of the meter which will stand still when there is no water going through the meter. To see if you may have a leak, turn off all the water in the house. If the leak detector is moving, there is a leak.

oftentimes, running toilets are identified as the problem. You cannot always hear or see a toilet that is running and may result in significant usage. You can check your toilets for leaks by putting food coloring into the tank. If there is a leak, the food coloring will show up in the bowl.

Another source of high usage is a water softener, which may be leaking or regenerating improperly. To check your water softener, take a water meter reading before you retire for the evening. Take another reading in the morning, before any water is used. Any difference in the readings should be the result of the water used to regenerate your softener. Repeat this procedure for a week or 2 to check the consistency of the usage. This will verify how often the softener is regenerating. It should not be regenerating every night. If you believe the amount of water used is too high, or that your softener is regenerating too frequently, check with your manufacturer or dealer for proper usage and instructions on how to correct the problem.

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