Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLRP)

Introduction to Lead and Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLRP)

The City of Waconia’s long-term goal is to replace all the estimated 900 lead water service lines from the water distribution system. The first step in this process is to inventory all homes built before 1986 with possible lead service lines and is a required to be completed by October 16, 2024. Galvanized piping used generally before 1950 have also been found to contain lead. Lead piping is generally found in older neighborhoods (Downtown) unless service line upgrades have been made. The goal of Waconia’s Lead Service Line Replacement Program (LSLRP) is to assist property owners in defining their service line and working with them to upgrade their lead service lines to copper or plastic.

service line diagram

  1. The service line from the watermain to the curb stop at the property line is maintained by the City.
  2. Connections of the service line from the watermain to the curb stop at the property line is maintained by the City.
  3. The service line from the curb stop to the meter is the property owner’s responsibility.
  4. Property owners own and maintain all internal plumbing and fixtures.
  5. Current meters maintained by the City are of Lead-Free construction.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the LSLRP

What is lead and why is it a problem?

Lead is a common metal found in air, soil, household dust, and water. It is also found in consumer products, some types of food, pottery, pewter, and lead-based paint. If inhaled or swallowed, lead can build up in the body. If too much lead enters the body, it can damage the brain, nervous system, red blood cells, and kidneys. Children, infants, and pregnant women are at greater risk.

What is a water service line?

The LSLRP’s goal is to replace all lead residential water service lines from the curb stop shut off valve to the interior water meter location. The curb stop shut off valve is in the boulevard, or at the property and rights of way line. The maintenance of the water service line from the curb stop to the meter and interior plumbing is the responsibility of the property owner. The City maintains the water service line from the watermain to the curb stop shut off valve.

Why doesn’t the City pay for replacing my service line?

The service line from the watermain to the curb stop at the property line is maintained by the City. The service line from the curb stop to residential interior water meter is maintained by the property owner since it is located on private property.

How do I know if I have lead service line?

The City will only be sending letters to properties included in the LSLRP. For those property owners, there are two options to determine if you have a lead service line. 1. A letter of instructions will be mailed to residents on how to photograph, define, assist in determining, and sending return information the Public Services Department. 2. Residents may choose to make an appointment with Public Services to have a Utilities technician come to your home to evaluate of your residential side piping at no cost. The onsite evaluation takes about 30 minutes.

What if I have lead pipes?

If you faucethave lead pipes, one way to keep your family safe is to flush or clean your water line. Anytime you have not used the water in your home for six hours or more it is recommended you flush your water line.

To do this, turn on the cold-water faucet at sinks or faucet where you plan to utilize water for drinking and cooking, and allow the water run for three minutes.

Other household water uses like washing clothes, showering, or flushing the toilet are also good ways to bring fresh water from our system into your home plumbing. Flushing your pipes removes lead that may have gotten into water while it was sitting in the pipes, unused. It is also important to clean faucet aerators and screens to remove any debris from them.

Does the City test for lead?

In compliance with Environmental Protection Agency standards, the City regularly samples water from properties with lead services. All samples collected to date have been within the allowable limit for lead content.

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