Storm Pond Maintenance

The City of Waconia, Public Services will be conducting required maintenance to an adjacent storm water pond, a critical component of the City’s storm water conveyance, storage, and treatment system. The City of Waconia is required as part of its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit to conduct annual inspections and maintenance to these critical storm sewer system applications. Storm water ponds play a critical role in storm water management with assistance in flood control by retaining water discharges and water treatment through a means of filtering the water before it enters receiving streams.

Staff has conducted an annual required pond inspection and found items in and around the pond in need of minor or mid-level maintenance. These items may include tree, or shrub removal; inlet and outlet maintenance, or cleaning; rehabilitation of outlet flow suppression, or installation of rip-rap material. Some of these maintenance tasks may require small, mobilized equipment types of rubber track, or tire.

- Sumac: We remove sumac from our storm ponds because it spreads quickly and can take over areas thus displacing other natural vegetation. It grows in dense thickets, cutting of other plants’ access to vital nutrients, and is considered an invasive species.

- Red Twig Dogwood: It is our practice to cut the entire plant back to the ground. This is a practice that helps rejuvenate the plant and clears the oldest stems promoting new growth.

Public Service staff will utilize utility easements for accessing the pond areas. If alternate areas of access are necessary, staff will contact individual homeowner’s regarding accessibility. Weather permitting, work will continue through December 2023 and last for a few months. 

If you have questions regarding the work, contact Public Services at 952-442-4581, or email