Special Events

Waconia is home to numerous events that happen throughout the year including the Carver County Fair, Nickle Dickle Day, and the Waconia Band Festival. Our numerous parks, miles of trails, and of course the beautiful lake all make Waconia a great place to host a special event. 

A Special Event Permit application must be completed and submitted for all public outdoor events and activities on city property (i.e. streets, sidewalks, trails, parks) and private events that significantly impacts the city (i.e. street closures, public parking needs). Special events include such things as community wide events, parades, fairs, festivals, mass participation sports (such as marathons and running events, bicycle races), performances, ceremonies, contests, concerts, vendor fairs, planned demonstrations or marches, rallies, or any event that may require a level of municipal services for its operation, or any other event that the city may reasonable deem as a special event. 

All event organizers shall complete the Special Event Permit application and submit no later than 60 days prior to the event. Priority will be given to recurring events previously held in the community when a conflict arises for facilities and or routes in which a conflict exists. Applications received within 30 days of the event date are not guaranteed to be issued a permit for the event. 

Events exempt from this policy:
1.  Any permanent place of worship, stadium, athletic field, arena, theatre, auditorium, school-sanctioned events on school property, or fairs sponsored by an agricultural society conducted pursuant to state law. 
2.  Events in the nature of a family gathering.
3.  Non-City-wide garage sales.
4.  Non-recurring auctions or estate sales.
5.  National Night Out or Night to Unite Events established through the block party permit policy.
6.  Funeral processions. 
7.  Activities conducted by a governmental agency acting within the scope of its authority.

Special Event Policy
Special Event Permit Application