Fire Station Project

Construction has begun on the new fire station, located at 10451 10th Street East. Please keep your eye on this page for updates related to the new fire station project! 

FS Timeline

Project Timeline:

Spring 2021: City staff members met with several architect firms to discuss their experience conducting space, needs, and location studies for fire station projects
April 2021: City Authorizes BKV to conduct a space, needs, and location study
April 2021-August 2021: BKV analyzed several locations around the City of Waconia where the fire station could potentially go, looking at where the calls are at now, future growth, current set-up of City, etc.
August 2021: City Council selected 10451 10th Street West as the site of the future fire station.
October 2021: City Council adopts BKV's final report and authorizes the City to continue to work with BKV for the schematic and site planning phase of the fire station project. To view the full BKV Report (Waconia Fire Station Facility Needs Assessment) please click here Version OptionsFire Station ProjectHeadline
October 2021 - December 2021: Planning workshops with City staff and BKV
January 2022: City Council approves contract with Kraus-Anderson for Construction Management Advisor Services and with BKV Group Inc. for Architect Services
July 2022: City Council authorizes bid for construction of new fire station to be located at 10451 10th Street East
September 2022: Approval of bids for Fire Station Construction
June 2023: Fire Station Groundbreaking/Construction Begins                                                                                   February 2024: HVAC installed, roofing nearly complete, & interior construction continues

Please stay tuned to this site for updates related to the future fire station project.

July 2023 Project Update 

In early June, the new fire station site was prepared for construction.  As this work was beginning, the formal groundbreaking ceremony occurred on 19th.  Initially, trees and stumps were removed in order for site grading to being.  Rough site grading began and continued into early July with exporting of excess material and demolition and removal of old concrete foundations on site.  The site was ultimately prepared for footings to be installed, with the first concrete footing pour taking place on July 14th.  3-4 footing and footing wall pours are expected in the next few weeks.  While this is going on, the excavator is installing site utilities beginning with the water main.  The first walls are anticipated to be on site in mid-August when the building will really start to take shape. 

August 2023 Project Update

Precast wall panels for the apparatus bay are starting to be set. Contractors anticipate about 2-3 weeks of work assembling the pre-cast panels on site. 

September 2023 Project Update

August was a busy month on the fire station site. The site was brought to grade. All of the building footings were installed, and the prefabricated concrete walls of the apparatus bay were set in place.  The utility contractor has been working on finishing site utilities by connecting and installing storm sewer utilities and finishing the watermain and sanitary sewer connections. A lane closure on 10th St. will be necessary for the contractor to finish these connections in the street.  Steel beams and columns have been delivered to start setting on the office side or the West half of the building.  While all of this is going on, the plumbing and electrical contractors are putting in all of their respective underground piping and conduit.  A pad has been prepared for Xcel Energy to set their transformers which will be the first stage to permanent power for the facility. Daily progress will be a little less visible now that the prefabricated walls are up, but there is a lot going on there every day to get the building closed up and the site prepared before winter. 

February 2024 Project Update

Things are moving along nicely with the fire station project. All of the interior floors have been poured. Most of the exterior windows have been installed with some more complex windows on order. Interior framing is ongoing along with electrical and plumbing for the entire building. HVAC systems are being installed along with ductwork throughout the facility. Overhead garage doors are on order and expected to be delivered and installed in February. The roofing is mostly complete with metal roofing to be installed at a later date. The project is on schedule and we are still anticipating an early June completion date.

View the photos below for up to date progress on the construction site! 

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