Inclusive Playground Fundraising

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to the Waconia Inclusive Playground!

The initial concept of the playground includes an inclusive play system and accessible surfacing, with costs of approximately $600,000 or more. The goal is to fundraise approximately $400,000. The project is currently anticipated in 2022, unless funds can be raised quicker - then the project would start sooner. The City has earmarked some funds for this project and is also working on the concept design for an additional park building with restrooms adjacent to this playground. 

There are many ways you can get involved in the fundraising of the inclusive playground. Check out the fundraising ZipKrooz thermometer to see where we're currently at and continue reading to see how you can help! To date, as of January 3, 2022, the City has raised $271,120 towards the project! 

$200,000 Thermometer


Visit (link) to visit the City's Inclusive Playground Fundraising GoFundMe page!

Donations to City Hall

The City also accepts donation checks at City Hall. The checks should be payable to the "City of Waconia" with "Inclusive Playground Donation" in the memo line. On the first and third Mondays of each month, the donations are accepted by the City Council and receipts are issued following the formal acceptance. Checks can be mailed to City Hall at the following address:

City of Waconia
c/o Jackie Schulze
201 South Vine Street
Waconia, MN 55387

Checks can also be brought to City Hall in person at 201 South Vine Street, Waconia, MN 55387. 

Citizen Committee

There is a committee of private Waconia residents that has formed to assist with the fundraising of this project. Reach out to Jackie Schulze, Assistant City Administrator at or 952-442-3103, if you are interested in joining this committee

Purchase A Piece

Are you / your family/ your business interested in donating a piece of equipment to the inclusive playground? Take a look at the chart below for the various pieces of equipment available for purchase and reach out to Jackie Schulze if you are interested. 

Equipment Piece
DescriptionCostDonated By

Pod Climber

Pod Climber
The Pod Climber features multi-level stand-alone climbers that helps kids develop balance, coordination, and depth perception as they learn to climb in a whole new way. $263.00 
(2/2 Sold!)
Pod climber generously donated by Jumana Harianawala!
Pod climber generously donated by Eric, Megan, Lauryn, and Ethan Gruis!

Sway Fun Wheelchair Glider

Sway Fun Wheelchair Glider
The Sway Fun Glider is the first wheelchair-accessible glider that meets ALL safety standards. It includes a play table with cup holders and wheelchair handles and room for two wheelchairs, PLUS two large benches for other passengers!$14,973.00
(1 needed)

Saddle SpinnerSaddle Spinner

The Saddle Spinner helps kids learn about cause-and-effect as they use their body weight to spin. Allows kids to spin the day away as their body weight shifts and they develop better depth perception and balance. The seat is set at a 5-degree angle which helps kids discover the relationship between body position and movement. The Saddle Spinner is available in 12" and 16" heights for different age groups. 12" - $1,071.00 (SOLD!)
16" - $1,071.00 (SOLD!) 
12" saddle spinner generously donated by Max and Brooke Greenwell.

16" saddle spinner generously donated in memory of Ken Brick by Cynthia and Andrew Brick. 

Wobble Pod BouncerWobble Pod

The Wobble Pod Bouncer is great wiggly, bouncy fun for two or more kids! Fun for collaborative play and for kids of all ages. The Wobble Pod Bouncer has several developmental benefits including balance, coordination, core body strength, motor planning, problem solving, and imaginative play! $1404.00
Wobble Pod Bouncer generously donated by Westwood Professional Services, Inc. 

Wobble Pod Bouncer generously donated by Eaton!


The We-saw is a new take on the traditional seesaw. Its unique design and gentle rocking motion invites kids and families of all ages and abilities to participate in the fun! The We-saw is wheelchair accessible, and like all seesaws, provides opportunities for collaborative play and teamwork! $9,741.00 

Chill SpinnerChill Spinner

Take a fun spin in the Chill Spinner or just relax in its comfortable seat! The spinning motion offers vestibular stimulation and helps kids understand centrifugal force and cause-and-effect. Textured rubber belting creates a comfortable and secure ride. $1,869.00 
(1/1 SOLD!)
Chill Spinner generously donated by Mary and Chris Boosalis!


Better than a zip line! ZipKrooz brings new adventure to the playground in an exciting, safe way. It's a long lasting, ultra-smooth ride for kids, ages 5-12. Unlike other playground zip lines, ZipKrooz is a two-way ride, eliminating the need to walk the seat back to start. With its unique track trolley system and comfortable seat suspended by a grippy, rubber-wrapped chain, ZipKrooz was engineered for exceptional quality, comfort and safety. Kids will line up to ride this! $24,195.00
(1 needed, includes two bays)


with DigiFuse panelsWe-Go-Round

The We-Go-Round with Digifuse panels is fully wheelchair accessible and allows kids of all ages and abilities to interact in a themed environment. It can be turned from the inside or outside, allowing everyone to participate in the fun! $27,775.00 
(1 needed)
In Progress - currently being fundraised for by Vinny Skaro!

Cozy DomeCozy Dome

The Cozy Dome offers kids a place to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy playground, take time by themselves, or socialize together. Peek holes throughout let kids and supervisors keep an eye on the action and various textures on the outer surface create a perfect climbing experience. $4,065.00 
(1 needed)
Cozy Dome generously donated by the Kelsey and Kalley Short Memorial!

Alphamaze and Labyrinth Panel Alphamaze and Labyrinth with Kids

The Alphamaze and Labyrinth Panel creates a sensory wonderland that encourages exploration, interaction, and develops fine motor skills for children of all abilities. $500.00
logo sunny days therapy

Bongo-Xylofun PanelBongo Zylofun Panel

The Bongo and Xylofun Panel adds twice the excitement to your play area. Eight movable keys play tuned musical notes and a large bongo drum surface allows for maximum rhythm and sound! This panel creates deep auditory stimulation for children ages 2 to 5. $2,621.00
(1/1 SOLD!)
Bongo-Xylofun Panel generously donated by the Dressel Family in Loving Memory of Faith Dressel. 

Color Splash PanelColor Splash Panel with Kid

The Color Splash Panel is a great way for kids to get visual input while developing dexterity. It encourages cognitive development and imaginative play. The circular handles offers ease of use for a variety of hand sizes and abilities. Additionally, this two-sided panel offers one side with ten windows to view the brilliant color changing wheel, as well as a black and grey optical illusion on the other side. $2,111.00 
(1/1 SOLD!)
Color Splash Panel generously donated by Maxx & Amanda Williams.

Optigear PanelOptigear Panel with Kid

The Optigear Panel is a fun way for kids to get visual sensory input and develop dexterity. Encourages cognitive and fine-motor development and is designed for kids from 6 months to 5 years. $1,944.00 
(1 needed)

Rhapsody Animato MetallophoneRhapsody Animato Metallophone

Flat bars make up the 15 major notes on this instrument, but the sound of each still resounds. Plink, plunk out a favorite tune. Or put your musical creativity together with a friend's and start scoring your own opus. This is an excellent activity for all ages and abilities! $4,282.00
(1/1 SOLD!)
Rhapsody Animato Metallophone generously donated in memory of Judith Aarsvold Indrelie. 

Rhapsody Grandioso ChimesRhapsody Grandioso Chimes with People

Players can soar two full octaves across this extravagant instrument, striking rich tones in a major key. Fully wheelchair accessible, everyone can take part in experiencing the great musical quality. Multiple mallets accommodate both solo performances and playing compositions with friends, new and old. This is an excellent activity for all ages and abilities! $6,318.00 
(1/1 SOLD!)
Rhapsody Grandioso Chimes generously donated in memory of Judith Aarsvold Indrelie. 

Rhapsody DrumsRhapsody Goblet, Kundu, Kettle Drum

Create unique percussion sounds with the Rhapsody Goblet, Kundu, and Kettle drums! The drums can be played with fingers or hands and stand up to extreme temperatures and rigorous play. They are fully wheelchair accessible so anyone can play! $1,343.00
(3/3 purchased-
1 Goblet-SOLD!
1 Kundu-SOLD!
1 Kettle-SOLD!)
The Goblet Drum generously donated by Tim, Sandy, Audrey, Marcus, and Marissa Bauer!

Rhapsody Kundu drum and Kettle Drum generously donated in memory of Judith Aarsvold Indrelie. 

Molded Bucket Seat with Harness Molded Bucket Seat with Harness 2-5 years

The Molded Bucket Seat with Harness provides greater stability for kids with limited upper body strength. The harness is specifically designed for smaller children to keep them secure while swinging! The Bucket Seats come in different sizes to accommodate children of all ages!$788.00
(2/2 SOLD!)
Molded Bucket Swings Generously Donated by the Mair Family!

Friendship SwingFriendship Swing

This multi-user commercial playground swing is one size fits all, from two kids to a multi-generational family! The Friendship Swing is a great way for siblings, parents, and grandparents to enjoy time together. It's an ideal spot to gather with old friends - or even meet new friends because everyone loves to swing! $2,969.00
(1/1 SOLD!)
Friendship Swing generously donated by the Waconia American Legion Post 150. Legion Logo

Loop ArchLoop Arch

Take the traditional ladder to the next level with the Loop Arch! The Loop Arch helps to build strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility with a very challenging climb!$1,268.00
(1 needed)

Chain Ladderchain ladder with kids

Children can try different climbing routes with the chain ladder. This ladder can accommodate multiple kids at once! Kids can move in any direction: up, down, or side to side! Developmental benefits include agility, balance, and coordination. $858.00
(1/1 SOLD!)
82019082_2528964817230681_6283578338489401344_nChain Ladder generously donated by Everson Hardware Hank!

Logo ClimberLogo Climber

There is nothing quite like the loopy Logo Climber to turn an ordinary climb into something a little unexpected! Developmental benefits include agility, balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. $1,353.00
(1/1 SOLD!)
Logo Climber generously donated by Fladger, Amanda, and Jonathan Phenix!

Sign Language PanelSign Language Panel

The Sign Language Panel teaches the American Manual Alphabet to children and adults of all abilities. The alphabet is engraved on both sides of the panel$798.00
(1/1 SOLD!)
Sign Language Panel generously donated by Keith, Aleela, Adella and Eli Baune!

CoolToppers Pyramid RoofCoolToppers Single Post Pyramid

The CoolToppers shade system protects kids from up to 90% of the sun's harmful UV rays and keeps playground surface temperatures up to 30 degrees cooler.$3,030.00
(1 needed)

Hourglass PanelHourglass-Sensory Wall

The Learning Wall Hourglass Panel encourages terrific imagination opportunities! It allows kids to time their own games and features a three-chamber hourglass with different flow rates! The Hourglass encourages hand-eye coordination and motor planning. $1,227.00
(1/1 SOLD!)
Hourglass Panel generously donated by District 110 Educational Support Professionals

Bead and Block PanelBead and Block-Sensory Wall

The Bead and Block panel is a perfect addition to any learning environment. The beads, blocks, and mirror help stimulate sensory learning. The grab bars/handholds assist young children in pulling themselves up. $1,227.00
(1/1 SOLD!)

Ring-a-Bell PanelRing a Bell-Sensory Wall

The Ring-a-Bell Panel lets kids make their own beautiful music on the playground! Kids can create rhythm and music using pivoting clappers to ring four bells. $1,227.00
(1/1 SOLD!)
Ring-a-Bell Panel generously donated in loving memory of Phillip Shambour by Bernie and Karen Shambour. 

Periscope PanelPeriscope-Sensory Wall

The Periscope Panel is ready for exciting discoveries on the playground. A fun and unique activity, allowing kids to check out what's happening throughout the playground. $1,227.00
(1 needed)

Belt SeatBelt Seat Swing

A swing for children ages 2-12! Developmental benefits of the belt swing include balance, coordination, core body strength, lower body strength, motor planning, and upper body strength! $116.00
(2/2 SOLD!)
Waconia Living Logo blk yellow

Full Bucket SwingFull Bucket Swing

Children ages 2-3 will love to swing in this snug seat! Developmental benefits include balance, coordination, core body strength, lower body strength, motor planning, and upper body strength. $273.00
(2/2 SOLD!)
ISD110 logoBucket swings generously donated by ISD #110 Early Childhood Education program!

Stainless Steel Double SlideStainless Steel Double Slide

The Double Slide lets kids go sliding two by two! The stainless steel bedway does not emit a static charge, so it's a good choice for kids with cochlear implants. $4,823.00
(1 needed)

Step LadderStep Ladder (image)

The Step Ladder is the easiest way to travel up and down, with wide steps for stability. Developmental benefits include balance, coordination, motor planning, and problem solving. $1,818.00
(1 needed)