Chicken/Bee License

The City has an ordinances to allow the keeping of chickens and honey bees with a license. License applications are also available at City Hall. If you have any questions, please contact City Hall 952-442-2184.

Keeping of Chickens with a License

This ordinance requires a license and allows a resident to keep of up to six (6) hens. The ordinance regulates the location and size of the coop and run, how grain and feed are stored, and how waste is managed. It specifies that chickens shall not be kept for breeding purposes and that cockfighting is prohibited. The ordinance does not prohibit or eliminate any private restrictions or covenants. Certain properties in the community are governed by private restrictions or covenants that may prohibit this activity. Our ordinance does not eliminate that requirement. See below for additional information: 

City Ordinance (Chickens) 
Chicken License Application
Chicken Coop Run Checklist
Chicken Coop Placement (correct)
Chicken Coop Placement (incorrect) 

Keeping of Honey Bees with a License 

This ordinance allows a resident to keep and maintain hives and honey bees on their property based on the size of the lot. For example, for one half acre or smaller lot, the ordinance limits the number of hives to 2. The majority of residential lots in our community fall within this range. As the lot size increases, the number of permitted hives increases. The ordinances has some provisions for the size, location, maintenance of, and a provision for water source must be maintained nearby when the bees are active. See below for additional information: 

City Ordinance (Bees) 

Honey Bee License Application 
Beekeeping Checklist