Liquor Licensing

Liquor Licensing
Liquor licenses available in the City of Waconia include On-Sale, Sunday Sale, Club On-Sale, Wine and Strong Beer, Off-Sale, Non-intoxicating Malt Liquor, Taproom, and Cocktail Room. Licenses are non-transferable. License year runs February 1 through January 31.
Applying For A License
Businesses wishing to sell liquor in Waconia must submit a completed application packet to the City, copies can be obtained by calling (952) 442-4121, at least 60 days before the projected effective date.

The Administrative Staff conduct a thorough investigation of all liquor license applications, including corporate structure, company officers, and premises managers.

Temporary Liquor Licenses
Non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for a 1 to 4 day temporary liquor license. Applications and information may be obtained by calling (952) 442-4121.

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