Cemetery Rules & Regulations

  • The cemetery will be open from sunrise to sunset.
  • The planting of flowers is limited to an area 14 inches in front of the above-ground monument. Planted areas must be maintained and weeded by the grave owner or by the grave owner's designate.
  • Plants and flowers may be in a pot(s) on a single durable and erect stand immediately adjacent to the headstone. All wreaths must be mounted on above-ground stakes. The city or any of its employees will not be responsible for the damage or destruction to any flowerpot or vase placed directly on the ground. Flowers placed directly on the grave will be removed and discarded prior to routine cutting of grass.
  • U.S. flags and Armed Services flags are to be no longer than 12” by 15”. Flags must be placed on the grave in a suitable holder, located against the front of the gravestone.
  • Eternal light standards, no wider than 5” in diameter and 18” in height, are permitted and should be placed in the ground in front of the gravestone.
  • Lot owners are not authorized; to place glass, wire or other materials or items that might present a hazard if hit by a mower, or plant shrubs and trees, or erect any above-ground structure such as benches, birdbaths, etc
  • The grounds maintenance staff are authorized to remove any items which are not permitted by these rules and any items that have become faded, unsightly, deteriorated, dangerous or detrimental to the well-being, beauty and appearance of the cemetery.