Block Party / Street Use Permits

Block Party Guidelines / Requirements

The city encourages neighbors to get to know each other and will permit street closings for neighborhood block parties or special events, subject to certain conditions as follows:
  • A Block Party Permit Application must be submitted to City Hall a minimum of 7 days prior to the event, identifying the area, date, and time of the event
  • Upon staff review of the request, conditions may be applied to the permit, i.e., modification of the time or the area to be closed to traffic
  • Participants are responsible to notify emergency agencies of the street closing
  • The street must remain accessible to emergency vehicles at all times. Any barricades must be easily moved
  • A $100 deposit is collected at Public Services prior to the event for use of city barricades or other equipment. This deposit is refundable upon return of all city equipment in good condition

Use of City Streets

Any individual or group who wish to use a city street, alley, etc. for any reason other than a neighborhood block party must submit their request in writing to the Office of the City Administrator via email or in person at City Hall. The closure of a city street maybe allowed for, but is not limited to, parades, races of any kind, events requiring the closure of multiple streets, construction activities, etc. For the full description of the use of city streets ordinance access Ordinance 320 (PDF).

Request Requirements

All requests must include the date(s) and time of the closure, the location(s) or a map of the closure, the nature of the reason for the closure, and the contact information of the responsible party or individual. All requests of use of city streets will be approved by the City Council at the next available meeting.

Responsibilities of Approved Party

The responsible party or individual who has their request approved by the City Council is responsible for contacting the proper emergency agencies about the closure, as well as requesting and paying the deposit for appropriate road closure signs, barricades, etc. from Waconia Public Services using the Borrowed Equipment form below.

Agencies to be notified include:
  • Carver County Sheriff's Office
    Ph: 952-361-1231
  • Ridgeview Medical Center
    Ph: 952-442-2191
  • Waconia Fire Department
    Ph: 952-442-2316