Setting Up/Canceling Utility Service

Moving Into or Out of Waconia?

If you are moving in or out of a property in Waconia, you should notify the Utility Billing Department prior to your closing date.

In the case of a sale, we will read the meter on the day of your closing to take a final meter reading for the previous owner of the property. The reading will be used to calculate the final billing for the previous owner and be the starting read for the new owner.

You can notify the Utility Billing Department by filling out the form(s) below. For additional comments or questions, please contact the Utility Billing Department at 952-442-3107 or The City of Waconia offers several payment options. To review these options, including enrollment for online billing and direct payment, please visit the Utility Bill Payment Options section of the website. 

 Please notify the city at least 4 days in advance of the closing. If the closing date changes after you notify the city, please advise city officials of the change.

*If you are moving within Waconia (from one house to another) you will need to fill out both the "Moving In" and "Moving Out" forms. In addition, these forms are for ownership changes only. For rentals, please see the note regarding rentals below or call a Utility Billing staff person.

​A Note Regarding Rentals

The account will remain in the name of the owner. If the owner or tenant wish for an additional copy of the bill to be generated and sent out to the property, we can have an additional bill generated and sent to the property in the name of "CURRENT TENANT." The owner will always receive a copy of the bill. There is no final billing for tenant moves and payment responsibility will need to be worked out between the tenant and the landlord. 

Final Read

A final read on the water meter will be scheduled after notification is received that the property is changing ownership. The final read will be used to calculate the final bill and this read will be the starting read for the new owner.

Be sure to review the Water Conservation Measures that the City of Waconia has implemented and also the Quick Links tab for Current Utility Rates. You can find more information by reviewing Waconia’s Water Ordinance 410