Policing in Waconia
The City of Waconia partners with the Carver County Sheriff’s Office to provide policing in the community and meet the public safety needs of its citizens. Through a contract, the Sheriff's Office provides preventive patrol, traffic, ordinance enforcement, and following up on minor crimes. Citizens should call 911 for any police, fire, or medical response from public safety personnel.

Sheriff’s Responsibilities

In addition to statutory requirements, the County Board has authorized the Sheriff to operate a 911 dispatch center, maintain a jail, and field a patrol unit to meet the basic statutory requirements of responding to emergencies and investigating major crimes within the County. These services are provide to all Carver County Residents and are paid for by property taxes paid to Carver County.

Cities Responsibilities

The City has the responsibility to manage the policing issues in its community and to furnish police service to handle calls for service. To meet this responsibility, the City has statutory authority to create their own police department, join a joint powers police department, or contract for police services.

Why Contract for Policing?

Contract policing allows the City to leverage resources to share and reduce costs for supervision, administration, training, clerical support, vehicles, and equipment with the County. It also improves communication and coordination creating an efficient, effective, and affordable policing for our community.

Crime Mapping

Access Carver County Crime Viewer (link), a mapping application containing recent criminal activity by area.