Annual Budgets & Capital Improvement Plans

The City of Waconia adopts an annual budget for the general fund, all special revenue, debt, capital, and enterprise funds. Incorporated with the annual operating budget is the current year of the 10-year Capital Improvement Plan.

Annual Operating Budget

The annual operating budget is prepared during the months of July through December. In July, department directors determine the cost to provide services for the next year and the best method to charge for those services. Those costs are put into a proposed plan that the City Council reviews in August prior to adopting a preliminary tax levy that must be certified to Carver County before September 30th.

2024 Preliminary Budget

Notices to Property Owners

Carver County sends notices to property owners showing the change in taxes by jurisdiction along with the date, time, and location of the public information hearings. These dates are usually set for late November through early December. The Waconia City Council holds its public information hearing so the public may comment on the proposed budget and tax levy. At the next regular meeting following the hearing, the City Council may adopt a final budget and levy, incorporating any changes that they believe should be made based on the public input received.

Budget Documents

The 2023 Approved Budget and Capital Improvement Plan can be found here Budget Documents Budget Documents (PDF link). 

Click here to access operating and capital budget documents (LINK) from the past years.