City Ordinances

The Municipal Code is available here for download or viewing. However, users should inquire with the city office to verify the accuracy of information. Revisions are current through July 27, 2016.
  1. PART I: General Provisions & Definitions
  2. PART II: Administration & General Government
  3. PART III: Streets; Parks; Public Property
  4. PART IV: Municipal / Public Property & Improvements
  5. PART V: Municipal Regulations & Licencing

General Provisions & Definitions

  1. PART VI: Traffic Regulation & Motor Vehicles
  2. PART VII: Public Health; Safety; Welfare
  3. PART VIII: Crimes & Offenses
  4. PART IX: Building & Land Use Regulations
  5. PART X: Subdivisions
  6. PART XI: Fees 

Traffic Regulation & Motor Vehicles