Solicitors / Peddlers /Transient Merchants

Solicitors/Peddlers/Transient Merchants

These permits are required for any person, organization, or corporation desiring to sell wares door to door or solicit donations within the city limits. Temporary merchants must also obtain a permit.

Please fill out the following:

  • Grant Access to Records Authorization
Applications must be completed and returned to City Hall along with appropriate fees. 
  • For Profit Organizations Fee: $150
  • Not for Profit Organizations Fee: $0

Notice in Newspaper

If, upon investigation, the application is approved, the City Clerk will publish a notice in the local newspaper containing the name and purpose for which the solicitation is requested, the area where solicitation is to take place, and the time period during which the solicitation is permitted to occur. This notice must be published prior to solicitation

Temporary Merchants must submit written authorization from the landowner upon which they will be conducting sales.

Approved Solicitors


City Ordinance

For more information, review City Ordinance 590 (PDF) that covers the regulation of solicitors, peddlers, and transient merchants.