Outdoor Barbecuing & Recreational Fires

Outdoor Barbecuing
Homeowners should be very careful when using barbecues on decks or balconies. Please follow these safety precautions:
  • Tend the grill 100% of the time when in use
  • Extinguish briquettes when finished with the barbecue and before leaving the area
  • Never use a flammable or combustible liquid to accelerate a fire in a barbecue
  • Store charcoal in a metal container with a metal lid. Store any flammable and combustible liquids and lighter fluids in an appropriate area in the garage
  • Never use a barbecue inside of a building because toxic carbon-monoxide fumes develop
  • Keep a lit grill at least 15 feet from any structure
Recreational Fires
Many residents enjoy backyard campfires. Recreational fires are permitted within the corporate limits of the City of Waconia. For your safety and that of your neighbors, the following guidelines have been established and must be followed:
  • The fire may be no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet
  • A fire pit may be located no closer than 15 feet from any structure
  • Noxious or irritating smoke is not permitted. Fires must be extinguished immediately if this occurs
  • Rubbish may not be burned. Rubbish includes, but is not limited to:
    • Hazardous material,
    • Household garbage,
    • Leaves / vegetation that creates excessive smoke
  • Recreational fires must be attended 100% of the time
As a safety measure, recreational fires may be prohibited in times of dry weather conditions.