Waconia has a variety of lakes within the community that provide wonderful recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. Lake Waconia, Burandt Lake, and Reitz Lake are the main lakes navigated by residents and visitors. Please be considerate of other boaters and follow Minnesota’s boating laws and regulations. A summary of some of those laws follows.

It’s against the law to:
  • Operate watercraft under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance
  • Operate watercraft in a careless or reckless manner
  • Operate watercraft so that its wash or wake endangers, harasses, or interferes with any person or property
  • Operate watercraft within an area legally marked off or set aside as a swimming area
  • Operate watercraft loaded with passengers beyond its safe carrying capacity or equipped with a motor beyond its safe power capacity
  • Deposit or leave refuse in or upon the waters of the state or at public access areas
Remember to have adequate life vests on board!

For a copy of the Minnesota Boating Guide, contact the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Boat and Water Safety Section at 651-296-3336. For additional DNR information, access their online resource.