Public Services

The Public Services Department oversees the construction of public improvements. The department consists of the following Divisions: Streets, Park Maintenance, Utilities, and Fleet.


The Streets Division maintains and repairs city streets, alleys, storm sewers, facilities, and street lighting. Its duties include gravel, asphalt repair, patching, sealcoating, striping, symbols, snow and ice control of roadways & parking lots, traffic sign maintenance, pond cleaning, and re-lamping city owned lights.

Park Maintenance

Park Maintenance Division maintains city grounds, parks, boulevard, trails, sidewalks. Park Maintenance Technician's duties include landscaping, mowing, trimming, safety surfaces, tree trimming, inspection, and snow and ice control of pedestrian surfaces.


The Utilities Division maintains and repairs water and sanitary infrastructure facilities and buried systems. Its duties include the public water supply, water treatment facilities, hydrants, wells, ground  & elevated storage facilities, water meters, mains; wastewater collection system including mains and lift stations.


The Fleet Division maintains and repairs fixed and mobile equipment dedicated to serving Waconia Public Services & Fire Department. Its duties include scheduled & preventive maintenance, fueling systems, equipment asset tracking & replacements.