The Office of the City Administrator, administers all city business and implements Council policies and directives. The City Administrator, appointed by the City Council, serves as the executive officer in charge of all day to day operations of city business, acts as Council liaison for staff, and is the Chief Information Officer.

The Office of the City Administrator performs the functions of Communications, Human Resources, Economic Development, IT, Elections, Licensing, and the statutory duties of City Clerk, in addition to providing Council support and agenda preparation.

Communicating with the public is one of the most important functions of the City Administrator and staff. The City of Waconia utilizes many different formats to transmit information to the public and receive input from citizens. This is accomplished through the city website, cable channel (Channel 8), newsletters, media, and community relations.

The city requires licenses to be issued for a variety of activities. Licensing of services such as refuse and recycling collection ensures that it is provided in the best interests of the citizens. Licensing the sale of alcohol and cigarettes, in addition to gambling and amusement machines, ensures that these activities are done within the letter of the law. The city also licenses door to door solicitation to provide a level of notification and security to residents. The city does not license food sales, businesses, or domestic animals.

Human Resources
Human Resources is responsible for:
  • Administering personnel policy
  • Managing employee safety and wellness programs, compensation, and benefits
  • Recruiting, selecting, and training of employees
Working for local government can be a very rewarding career choice. At the City of Waconia we offer jobs like lifeguards, firefighters, street maintenance, finance, planning, and many other functions that allow the city to deliver high quality services to all who live in or visit Waconia.