Posted on: February 20, 2018

Call for Volunteers - WeCAB!

What is WeCAB?

The Waconia Commission on Aging and the City of Waconia are looking at  bringing WeCAB into the community. WeCAB provides safe, affordable,  and flexible supplemental transportation to those in Carver County's service  areas who are unable to drive to medical appointments, grocery stores, food  shelves, worship services, volunteer opportunities, and social events. Rides are available seven days a week and can be requested at least 24 hours in advance  between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

How do we get WeCAB out to Waconia? 

To get WeCAB started in Waconia, we first need volunteers! There are three  different types of WeCAB volunteers:

  • Rider Registrars
  • Dispatchers
  • Drivers

Waconia needs volunteers in all of these areas to get WeCAB off the ground.  See below for information on the various volunteer opportunities, and download a volunteer application here. Applications can be  returned to Jackie Schwerm (jschwerm@waconia.org) at Waconia City Hall (201  South Vine Street). You also need to provide a photo copy of the front and back  of your driver's license. If you are volunteering to be a driver, please include  a copy of your insurance information, as well.

What are the different volunteer opportunities available with WeCAB?

Rider Registrars (1-2 needed for Waconia):

  • Work from home (or anywhere!)
  • Talk wiht people and register them as riders for WeCAB
  • Use WeCAB web-based software with your computer and internet  service.

Dispatchers (3-5 needed for Waconia):

  • Work from home (or anywhere!)
  • Dispatching shifts are 4 hours
  • Must have access to a phone and computer with internet
  • Take phone calls from riders
  • Enter ride requests into computer

Drivers (5-10 needed for Waconia):

  • Drivers select rides to place/time that fits within their schedule
  • Mileage reimbursement is available at charity rate (.14 per mile)
  • Drivers have a vehicle and driving record check
  • Drivers use their own vehicle
  • Drivers must have their own insurance

WeCAB Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. I want to volunteer...now what?

A. Fill out a volunteer application and submit it to jschwerm@waconia,org. We will submit all the applications to WeCAB, and volunteer training will take place in April. It is our goal to "go live" with WeCAB at somepoint in May, but that is dependent on having the volunteers. 

Q. Is there a specific time commitment for WeCAB volunteers?

A. There is no specific time commitment required for WeCAB volunteers. Driver's pick up the drives they are able to do, but aren't required a certain number of drives or hours each week. Dispatchers sign up for four hour shifts, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday. Rider registrars are able to create their own schedules. 

Q. If WeCAB is in other cities in Carver County, why can't it already be servicing Waconia?

A. WeCAB is dependent on volunteers. WeCAB is already servicing the cities of Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver, Victoria, New Germany, Mayer, and Watertown because they have all met the volunteer quotas required. Adding another city for WeCAB means more rides and in order for WeCAB to provide these rides, we have to have at least 15 committed volunteers. 

Q. I want to be a driver, but I'd like my drives to all be shorter, is that possible?

A. Of course! As a driver, you can pick up the rides you would like to the destinations you would like.

Q. What can I do as a driver while I am waiting for a rider at an appointment? 

A. Driver's options are endless while they are waiting for riders at appointments. They can read a book, run errands of their own, go back home (if the drive is local), meet a friend for lunch - basically whatever they want! 

Q.  Can riders bring other guests with them in the car?

A. Occasionally, a rider may have a spouse, parent, sibling, or child with them. However, if a rider has a child with them, they are required to provide any necessary equipment (car seat, booster seat, etc.) and let the dispatcher know when they are scheduling the ride. 

Q. Do I help riders get in the car? 

A. Riders must be able to get in/out of the car on their own. 

Q. Do I get compensated for my mileage? 

A. Driver's are eligible to be compensated for their mileage at the charity rate of $0.14 per mile. 

Q. Am I allowed to accept tips?

A. WeCAB drivers are not allowed to accept tips. Riders are instructed not to tip their driver, and if they do, there are envelopes available for you to put the money in and return to WeCAB.


Q. When can I start calling for WeCAB rides?

A. Nothing is final in Waconia until we have the committed volunteers. The City's goal is to have a go-live date in May of 2018, but that is dependent on having volunteers. 

Q. How do I request a ride with WeCAB?

A. First, you need to fill out a rider application and submit it to jschwerm@waconia.org. Once we have enough volunteers and "go live" with WeCAB in Waconia, all you have to do is call 1-844-743-3932 and you will be able to request a driver for your rides. 

Q. What types of rides can I request through WeCAB?

A. WeCAB will drive you to medical appointments, worship services, grocery stores, errands, volunteer opportunities, visits with friends and family - just about anywhere! 

Q. Can I request a ride to the airport? 

A. Unfortunately, WeCAB does not typically provide rides to/from the airport. 

Q. Are other ride requests off limits?

A. You can request rides to wherever you would like, however it is the drivers who determine whether or not they will pick up the ride. WeCAB does not typically provide around-the-clock transportation to/from someones place of employment, for example. If there is an extenuating circumstance and someone needs a ride in to work for a week, that may be picked up, but it is not a long-term commitment. 

Q. What does WeCAB cost?

A. WeCAB invoices its riders on a monthly basis for "suggested" donations. WeCAB does not deny rides for those who cannot contribute. The suggested contributions below are for one-way rides:

1 - 10 miles: $2.50

10 - 20 miles: $5.00

20 - 30 miles: $7.50

30 + miles: 10.00

Q. Do I have to tell my WeCAB driver why I am going to a certain place or why I need a ride?

A. No, that is totally up to you. There are some riders who don't want to talk about the appointments they are going to or why they need a ride, and that is totally acceptable. Driver's will only receive your first name and address and, as a rider, you will only receive your driver's first name. 

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