Pet License & Impound Information

The City of Waconia no longer licenses pets (cats and dogs); however, all dogs must wear an identification tag with the owner’s name and home telephone number. (Chapter 560 (PDF), Waconia City Code)

The remainder of the city’s Dog Ordinance remains in effect, including prohibition of running at large, habitual barking and requiring pet owners to clean up after their pets. Dogs must also have a current rabies vaccination.

Ordinance Details
Pet owners can save themselves impoundment and boarding charges, keep their pets safe and save taxpayers the costs of chasing down strays by following the animal control ordinance:
  • Dogs must be leashed whenever they are off the owner’s property. This includes city parks. Dogs are prohibited in city Square Park.
  • Owners must clean up any feces left behind by their pets on all public or private property.
  • In consideration of neighbors and the general public, no dog may habitually bark or otherwise create a disturbance.
  • All dogs must wear an identification tag with the owner’s name and home phone number.
What If My Pet is Impounded?
Impound Information:
Owners claiming impounded pets will be charged impound fees including boarding charges as listed below:
  • $20 per night Boarding Fee
  • $36.50 Exam Fee
  • $35 Per Occurrence Fee
  • Miscellaneous Kennel Fees (shots, medical treatments, etc)
The city’s animal impound location is:
Countryside Veterinarian
13950 Highway 5
Young America, MN 55397
Ph: 952-442-4200

All fees need to be paid at Waconia City Hall prior to release of the animal from Countryside Veterinarian.